An internship boosts your career

"During the internship, you get your engineer identity. When our students return from the internship, they have become more resolved, and they now know that it is right. The doubts which many of them had at the beginning of their studies are resolved when they get out there and test things in practice," says Birgitte Castenskjold Viborg from Aarhus University School of Engineering.

You do not have to be able to do everything
When you start the internship, no one expects you to be able to do everything already.

"The internship is about acquiring skills, and you get skills when you use your knowledge and skills in practice," says Karina Larsen, Internship Coordinator from VIA Engineering.

"Do not think that you have to go out there and work as if you had already graduated. That is not the intention. Rather, dive into it and do not be afraid to test out some things," says Birgitte Castenskjold Viborg.

The internship is the start of working life
"I find that students form good relationships during their internships. If you perform well in the internship, we often see that the company says: 'Can’t you come back and work for us when you finish your studies?’ or "Would you like to write your bachelor thesis in our company?" The opportunity to pave the way for a project or a job is there in the internship," says Karina Larsen from VIA Engineering.

Birgitte Castenskjold Viborg agrees:

"The internship is the start of your career. This is where working life starts for many. We see a lot of students who are offered student positions after the internship, and jobs with the company with which they were in an internship when they finish their studies."

Good advice for a good internship

  • A matching of expectations: Make sure you have clear agreements and frameworks for the internship, so you do not have different expectations of what should happen.
  • Be open and accommodating: Get as much out of your internship as is possible. Good relationships mean that you get a good internship and forming good relationships can also be beneficial later in your career.
  • Be proactive: Take responsibility for ensuring that you get as much as possible out of your internship.  Be sure to use the opportunities you have to test your knowledge and skills in practice.