Understand the advertisement properly

When searching for a job and writing an application, it is important that you read the advertisement thoroughly, so that you can use your application to address what is most important for the company.

Most job advertisements follow the same structure, and it can be of great advantage to know the genre so that you know what to focus on when reading a job advertisement.

Read the advertisement all the way through
What kind of a profile is the company looking for? Does it match your competences? Do you understand what the company is looking for?

What is most important in the advertisement?
You do not have to be able to offer everything the company is looking for – think of the list of required competencies as a wish list: the company cannot assume that they will have all their wishes fulfilled.

Request information
If there is anything in the advertisement which is unclear, or if you have questions regarding the position, which are not answered in the advertisement, you should call the contact person. This may give you a better idea of ​​the position and what the key elements in the advertisement are.

"My best advice is to have a look at the company's website, use Google, find the contact person on LinkedIn and then contact the company. Ask some questions about the job and the company, which are not mentioned in the advertisement or on the website. But do not lose yourself in the preparation phase. Get into gear and initiate dialogue with the company. They want to engage with you – and it demonstrates your motivation," says Ann Berry, Regional Manager Mid/North at Konsulenthuset ballisager.

Surveyed companies spend an average of 4 minutes and 36 seconds talking to people calling regarding an advertisement. Only 1% responded that calling regarding an advertisement is pointless.

(Source: Ballisager Recruitment Analysis 2016)