LinkedIn: While you are searching, the job may actually find you

When you are looking for a job, be sure to use your network and be visible on LinkedIn. That way, the job may find you.

Nya Ulrich Andersen's current employer found her via LinkedIn and a common network.

"I have had several jobs since I graduated, and the last time I was looking for a job, I updated my LinkedIn profile with everything I have done, all relevant courses and all my skills, including courses which were part of my study programme. Not all companies know what skills you actually develop during your education," she says.

Nya’s employer found her on LinkedIn because her skills were searchable, and she had a clear title and description on LinkedIn.

"Besides updating and completing your profile, you can also benefit from posting a statement that you are looking for a job and what you would like to work with. Ask your network to share your post, and it will have great reach. That has previously given me a great response," Nya says and encourages others to do the same.


Name: Nya Ulrich Andersen

Age: 32

Employment: Rønslev

Education: Installation Engineer from Aarhus University

Graduated: 2010


  • 58 % of surveyed companies use their networks when they recruit new employees.
  • 55 % of surveyed companies use LinkedIn when they recruit new employees.

(Source: Ballisager Recruitment Analysis 2018)