Test yourself in a graduate programme

A graduate programme at a company often lets you experience the company from within, and you will, therefore, get an insight into various aspects and opportunities in the company's work.

You do not need to be completely clear about your job wishes before you start a graduate programme, as one of the advantages of a graduate programme is that you get to try different things. The opportunity to try many types of tasks can help give you clarification regarding what you would like to work with.

Fixed progression with different possibilities
How the progression of your graduate programme is organised differs from company to company, but in most cases, a graduate programme takes two years to complete. During those two years, you will usually have to work on different tasks or be part of different projects where you will receive guidance from a professional mentor during the programme.

Accelerate your skills
With a graduate programme, you nurture your professional and personal development. You get to work in an innovative environment where you can learn and grow with your mentor and other graduates. There is room to test ideas, create new knowledge and experiences. A graduate programme is a fantastic opportunity to test yourself and your skills.

International career development
Common to all graduate programmes is that they target an international career, where you will spend part of your time abroad. A graduate programme is a perfect opportunity to get out and experience the world, thus getting some unique opportunities to really kick-start your career.

A graduate programme will prepare you for an international career where your theoretical and professional knowledge is combined with experience and practical skills.