Meet 3 engineers

A bachelor in engineering and two masters in engineers tell about how they made the decision to continue their studies or proceed to the job market.

Name: Jacob Svane

Age: 29

Employed by: Kirkholm Maskiningeniører

Education: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Aarhus University

Graduated: 2014

Were you unsure of whether you should be a bachelor or a master?
When I was studying, I considered continuing my studies, and I did pick electives which would make it easier to pursue a master’s degree, should I wish to. But after my bachelor’s degree, I was tired of studying, and today I do not think it would make sense for me to continue my studies.

I think taking two years out of my working life to study is too much, considering what I would gain from it. In my opinion, it would be more beneficial to supplement with individual subjects or specific areas. Furthermore, the financial benefits are no longer there. The pay gap does not compensate for two years away from the labour market.

What would you say to someone who is having doubts?
If you are unsure about whether you should continue studying or not, I think you should do it. You are in the game and routines of being a student, and you are not used to spending a lot of money, and you do not have all the needs and wants you get when you start to work. So, you should clearly try it while it is still easy to do.

Of course, you should also want to keep studying, because it is hard work.


Name: Maria Dam Mortensen

Age: 29

Employed by: BaneDanmark

Education: MSc in Engineering in Technical Geology from Aarhus University and Structural Engineer from the University of Southern Denmark

Graduated:  2014

Were you unsure of whether you should be a bachelor or a master?
I was very unsure about what education I should choose, and since there was an illness in my family, I chose to stay with them in Odense.

After my bachelor’s degree, I spent time working, but I was very young compared to everyone else, and I was somewhat at the back of the queue for the fun jobs - behind the masters of engineering.

I saw an opportunity to build on my Bachelor, and I would like to try something new and do something more, so I decided to continue. I did not do the master’s degree for a particular job, but to try something new and become more mature.

For me, the master’s programme was cooler than the bachelor’s programme. You have the basics in place, and you get an opportunity to immerse yourself in what you are really passionate about. Moving to a new city was hard, but this was offset by the fact that I was resolved and knew what I wanted.

What would you say to someone who is having doubts?
It depends on what feels right. If you are tired of studying, you should get out and try work, and then you can return to your studies when you feel like it.

If you have a natural curiosity and are eager to get back to the theory, you will figure it out. Do not be afraid to try your hand at work and then return to your studies. Also, do not be afraid to change your ball game if you eventually find something else that suits you better.


Name: Anders Vinther Olsen

Age: 27

Employed by: Oticon

Education: Master of Biomedical Engineering from DTU

Graduated: 2016

Were you unsure of whether you should be a bachelor or a master?
I was not in much doubt, as I was very interested in medicine and technology and in creating something which solves a problem for people. I would like to help people solve a health problem and make a real difference.

What would you say to someone who is having doubts?
Essentially, it is about what you want.

Roughly put, they say that master’s engineers create the formulas and the bachelors use them. So, perhaps the question is what you think is more fun? Do you want to get out there, using something which already works? Or do you want to be one of the people who question the ways things are done?

That said, I think the most important thing is to get started. If you find out that you would like to do something else, you can always pursue a master’s programme afterwards.