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Are you already able to see your future fully unfolded? Or do you need a little help before you get that far?

At mitjobvalg.dk, you can find answers to some of the questions you might have concerning education and career choices.

You may be unsure whether you should pursue graduate studies or get out into the labour market once you finish your diploma? Or maybe you are already fully aware what your dream job is and how to get it?

By using the menu on the left, you can unfold an overview, which makes it a little easier to sort out your dreams and options. You can read about what your choice of internship and studying abroad can mean for your future career. You can also find advice for your job search, as well as advice on what you need to remember when you get the job.

At mitjobvalg.dk you can also find some of the companies you may encounter during your internship or permanent employment once you finish. You will learn about your career options and what many Danish companies are looking for when they recruit newly qualified engineers.


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